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Massage Envy

Tenant Description:

Company Overview:
Massage Envy Limited, LLC, was founded by John Leonesio. Massage Envy provides many different types of therapeutic massage. Experienced, licensed/certified/registered Massage Therapists carefully design the right massage treatment to best fit individual needs, all at the same affordable rate. Massage Envy has partnered with massage therapists whose prime objective is to be available more hours and charge less so that more people can take advantage of their services. The company offers a membership based approach that brings massage therapy out of the elite and expensive circle and makes it available to everyone. The company currently operates over 318 locations nationwide with additional locations in conception.

Site Criteria:
• Ideal frontage of 30 feet minimum 
• End-cap or bookend by "quiet" co-tenants 
• Allows display of our corporate signage on fascia and marquee / monument signage 
• Population: 5,000 qualifying households
• Age: 30 - 60 years 
• Household: Average household income of at least $65,000 
• Ideal Facility Requirements: HVAC: 1 ton per 250 sq. ft. with minimum one (1) year landlord warranty. IT: Availability of a T1 line and point of demarcation to be identified 
• Signage: Availability on monument or marquee signage Web Design
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