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Nov 19 2014
The Business of Building Relationships
In response to the article, "It was a man's world once" by Faith Hope Consolo in the November 2014 issue of Shopping Centers Today.

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Nov 11 2014
What exactly does a commercial realtor do?
Upon hearing the news that I would be responsible for writing a blog and after the requisite grumbling (not so under my breath) that accompanied, I immediately began to plot my way out of this mundane task. After all, isn’t my time better utilized negotiating LOIs and Offers to Purchase on behalf of my clients or driving markets looking for the perfect site? And really, how many times can you read an “expert’s” opinion about the real estate market.

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Nov 07 2014
What’s Old Is New Again – The Wicker Park Commons Experience
In January of 2012, Mid-America Real Estate Corporation was engaged by local developer Centrum Partners and their New York Partner, Angelo, Gordon & Co., to help reposition a unique 315,000 SF mixed-use neighborhood center, The West Town Center, in order to increase NOI through new long-term leases and terminating existing ones where appropriate.

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Oct 27 2014
Detroit's Resurgence
While it could be said that in the early 2000’s the City of Detroit dragged down the State of Michigan – today the name Detroit carries with it alternate parts grit and panache and is the shining emblem of an industrial city wiping off the grease and reimaging itself. The State of Michigan is now proud to be associated with the name “Detroit”.

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Oct 15 2014
Buzz at The Promenade of Wayzata
There has been a lot of buzz recently in Wayzata, MN. The Promenade of Wayzata at Lake Steet and Superior Blvd is a new upscale residential, senior living, hotel, office and retail development in the heart of downtown Wayzata.

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Oct 08 2014
A New Community is Born in Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Drexel Town Square, an exciting mixed-use development in Oak Creek, Wisconsin is underway. The project will be reminiscent of a traditional downtown, including a Main Street – Oak Creek’s first – with a new City Hall and Library on a town square surrounded by retail stores, restaurants, shops, businesses and apartments.

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Sep 30 2014
Constantly Updating and Improving to Better Serve Our Clients
In an effort to continually explore more cost effective and efficient ways, Mid-America Asset Management developed a Tenant Service Coordinator (TSC) position well over a decade ago.

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Sep 22 2014
The Tenant is King - A Chain Store Age Profile with Jeff Kuchman
In a time of evolution and change, when buzz terms like right-sizing and asset management dominate retail real estate conversations, an unwavering focus on the tenant is more important than ever before. Chain Store Age talked with Jeff Kuchman, Principal/Director Tenant Brokerage, Mid-America Real Estate Corp., based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, about the company’s tenant representation business and how it has continued to take center stage.

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Sep 16 2014
A 30 Year Success Story: Based on Three Key Principles
Mid-America has enjoyed extraordinary success for the past 30 years. As a founding partner, my hope is to perpetuate that success over the next 30 years. Our business philosophy is consistent and uncomplicated. We have dedicated our work to three fundamental principles: specialization, exceptional people and a focus on information as our primary product.

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