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Mar 16 2015
March Madness
With the turning of the calendar to March, us Midwesterners automatically feel a sense of optimism regarding the coming months. Pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training, advertisements of the azaleas at Augusta National have commenced, clocks spring forward and we believe, although more often than not we're wrong, that we have made it through Mother Nature's harsh winter. However, there is one event that defines the month more than any other, the NCAA Tournament known to us all as March Madness.

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Mar 04 2015
No Wrong Answer
I’ll preface my question by giving the answer first. A: There is no wrong answer. Q: If you had to pick one of the following broker types that best describes your values as it relates to retail brokerage what would it be: the relationship, the deal or the fee (commission)? Or put more succinctly, what do you put most importance on in your real estate dealings? Are you a deal junkie, a relationship guru or a fee chaser?

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Feb 26 2015
Pizza is hot. Yogurt is cold.
In the world of small shop suburban retail, it seems that some concepts have stayed the test of time. However, others come and go as reliably as changes in the weather. Such is the nature of heightened levels of consumer choice and consumer trends.

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Feb 17 2015
The InterNET LEASED World We Live In
As 2015 seems to have found its stride with everyone into full deal-making mode, one thing has become very clear in the net lease marketplace. What was not long ago considered a “niche” in the commercial real estate arena, net leases have transformed into a full investment sector.

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Jan 29 2015
Grocery Wars in Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Market
2014 was a tumultuous year for Twin Cities grocers. A longtime player Milwaukee-based Roundy’s, owner/operator of Rainbow Foods, completely pulled out of the market. Local competitors quickly snapped up the Rainbow stores in prime locations.

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Jan 21 2015
2015 Trends to Track: Healthier employment and consumer spending ahead
In response to the 6th Installment of Shopping Center Today’s series of 2015 Trends to Track.

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Jan 14 2015
“Shopping Mall Crisis” = Opportunity??
Earlier last week I came across yet another article referring to the “shopping mall crisis.” We’ve all seen them periodically over the past 10 years, and it certainly will not be the last of them.

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Jan 06 2015
Best Practices: Detroit?
Who hasn’t heard of Detroit? Once considered a public relations nightmare, Detroit has been transformed into a place brimming with hope, business people, non-profits, creative professionals, and city officials working hard to implement drastic changes and produce a higher quality of life for it’s residents.

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Dec 22 2014
There's a Tenant for Every Space
Ask anyone on our project leasing team in Minnesota what my favorite and most passionate phrase is and they’ll quote you the headline of this blog: There’s A Tenant for Every Space. For 30 years I’ve been focused on the landlord side of all transactions and our project leasing team operates under the same philosophy.

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Dec 17 2014
Seeing Stars
Have you ever been punched in the face, kicked in the head, pushed down a flight of stairs, in a car accident or hit by a bus? Then you know that feeling; your head spins, your world goes dark and blurry, and you see stars. But slowly you get used to the feeling, everything becomes clear again and you are able to start functioning normally. In other words, it's a lot like a normal day at work.

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Dec 11 2014
Main Street
Almost every city in America has a “Main Street.” Some are three blocks long with a single stop light and some are considerably more substantial. Woodward Avenue is the latter. It’s a 27 mile road stretching from the Detroit River in Downtown Detroit through the northern suburbs.

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Dec 08 2014
Current Retail Investment Market Outlook
A current retail investment market outlook from Senior Vice President Joe Girardi.

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Dec 02 2014
Movember Round Up
Thanksgiving has come and gone and so too has the month of Movember. It was an exciting time here at Mid-America Real Estate and I have to say I am generally proud of our boys. While some took a slightly different, yet completely acceptable approach and went with the homeless, wolverine look for a time and then to the bold yet classy goatee (DC) most of us stayed true and pure and grew some lovely staches. Others bowed out early (DR) as in like two days of commitment early (I expected better from you DC) and others were granted, sanctioned full-fledged shaves with a razor (JK) for special occasions.

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Nov 25 2014
Class “B” Centers Rise Again
We’ve likely all read articles in recent years since the retail real estate industry has turned around about the bifurcation of the market between Class “A” centers and Class “B” and “C” centers. Most state that while the economy has improved, national retailers are still choosing to either pay the freight for Class “A” properties or wait until they get the opportunity for one. They go on about how many Class “C” centers are now functionally obsolescent and will continue to stagnate until they are either re-tenanted with uncommon tenants or redeveloped completely, likely to uses other than retail. What many don’t discuss is the resurgence of the Class “B” center in today’s new economy.

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Nov 19 2014
The Business of Building Relationships
In response to the article, "It was a man's world once" by Faith Hope Consolo in the November 2014 issue of Shopping Centers Today.

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Nov 11 2014
What exactly does a commercial realtor do?
Upon hearing the news that I would be responsible for writing a blog and after the requisite grumbling (not so under my breath) that accompanied, I immediately began to plot my way out of this mundane task. After all, isn’t my time better utilized negotiating LOIs and Offers to Purchase on behalf of my clients or driving markets looking for the perfect site? And really, how many times can you read an “expert’s” opinion about the real estate market.

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Nov 07 2014
What’s Old Is New Again – The Wicker Park Commons Experience
In January of 2012, Mid-America Real Estate Corporation was engaged by local developer Centrum Partners and their New York Partner, Angelo, Gordon & Co., to help reposition a unique 315,000 SF mixed-use neighborhood center, The West Town Center, in order to increase NOI through new long-term leases and terminating existing ones where appropriate.

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Oct 27 2014
Detroit's Resurgence
While it could be said that in the early 2000’s the City of Detroit dragged down the State of Michigan – today the name Detroit carries with it alternate parts grit and panache and is the shining emblem of an industrial city wiping off the grease and reimaging itself. The State of Michigan is now proud to be associated with the name “Detroit”.

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Oct 15 2014
Buzz at The Promenade of Wayzata
There has been a lot of buzz recently in Wayzata, MN. The Promenade of Wayzata at Lake Steet and Superior Blvd is a new upscale residential, senior living, hotel, office and retail development in the heart of downtown Wayzata.

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Oct 08 2014
A New Community is Born in Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Drexel Town Square, an exciting mixed-use development in Oak Creek, Wisconsin is underway. The project will be reminiscent of a traditional downtown, including a Main Street – Oak Creek’s first – with a new City Hall and Library on a town square surrounded by retail stores, restaurants, shops, businesses and apartments.

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