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Feb 14 2017
Sierra Trading Post Expands into Minnesota
Sierra Trading Post (STP), a TJX brand located in eight other states, made their very first appearance into the Minnesota retail marketplace in October 2016. Located in Eagan, Minn. at the Central Park Commons shopping center, Sierra Trading Post participates in the same concept in which all of the other TJX Companies follow; “offering discount prices on name brand products and apparel.”

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Feb 06 2017
Emergence of the Urban/Suburban Hybrid Market
There’s no question that the top location choice for a new restaurant concept entering a suburban market is predominantly in the super-regional trade areas. Super-regional trade areas are considered first tier priority because they are brand builders, and possess an expansive geographical draw with mature residential populations, dense office populations and strong retail and hotel density.

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Jan 03 2017
There is no denying that technology has a large influence on communication. It pervades every aspect of our relationships with family, friends and clients. We should embrace the efficiency of technology and all the benefits it affords us, yet we should never fall victim to negotiating important decisions solely via writing.

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Dec 12 2016
Minnesota Shopping Center Association (MSCA) - It’s the Real Deal
Most of us are active members of ICSC as well as numerous other national, regional and local organizations designed to inform, update, network, guide and strengthen the shopping center real estate industry. In Minnesota we’ve taken it a step further in order to keep real time information and networking as up to date and vibrant as possible.

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Dec 05 2016
What I Gained from Giving Back
Tis the Season for giving. It’s also a great time to reflect and to determine if you have done enough for yourself to feel fulfilled in life. There comes a point in time when we all realize how well we live and how truly fortunate we all are. At this point you start asking yourself, what next?

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Nov 10 2016
A Day in the Life of a Commercial Real Estate Broker
Adam approaches the vacant space. He’s carrying his 10 year old pleather portfolio, a roll of window signs and a tape dispenser. He scrolls through the emails on his iPhone, looking for the message from the property manager with the new lockbox code.

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Nov 02 2016
Chicago Metro Market Box Activity
Despite the fact that there have been a number of recent retail store closures, and announced closures, there continues to be box activity in the Chicago Metro Market in both tenant expansions and closures.

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Oct 27 2016
A Cold Call and the Power of Persistence
As brokers we often think of cold calling as a tedious but necessary activity. You’ve run the gamut of obvious national tenants, none of which were interested in your last 2,000 SF space; your monthly leasing report is almost due and you dust off your excel spreadsheet and start dialing for dollars.

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Oct 20 2016
Post Season in Chicago
These are certainly exciting times for sports fans in the City of Chicago, baseball-inclined ones in particular. The Cubs have just tied their National League Championship Series with the LA Dodgers 2-2, at the time of writing, and have regained home-field advantage. Just two more wins and they’ll be in their first World Series since 1945.

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Oct 18 2016
The Duomo, Florence Italy
I recently returned from a two week vacation in Italy, accompanied by two of my sisters, three sister-in-law’s, three nieces and a close family friend. Ten women whose plans included relaxing, shopping and drinking a lot of wine. Visiting famous ruins and churches were slightly lower on our priority list. It goes without saying that we more than accomplished our main objectives in the first three days, and we moved on to being tourists and enjoying the beauty of Florence.

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Oct 06 2016
Pop Up in a Pop Up
Detroit the city that once was but will be again! Vacant restaurant spaces are shining bright again as new creative chefs are taking over and turning their dreams into realities. On any given night, you will almost always be able to find a pop-up event. Granted it may take some work to be in on the din of what is going on that night.

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Sep 27 2016
Coffee Competition in Minnesota
There's no doubt that Minnesotans love their coffee. They need something to keep them awake and warm for 6 months out of the year. Minnesota has plenty of options when it comes to satisfying your caffeine addiction. As a non-coffee drinker myself, I know these coffee businesses are important to new developments and the individual communities.

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Sep 22 2016
Detroit the Beautiful
Whether its cathedral ceilings or exposed brick walls, the beauty of buildings and architectural design always amaze me. Being from Detroit, there is no greater place to watch the ruins of a city begin turning into something beautiful. It’s hard to explain the energy and vibes that are flowing though this city but one thing I will say is it’s intoxicating and contagious.

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Sep 14 2016
Home Renovations on the Rise
Three weeks ago, my husband and I bought our first home. After 10 months of searching and seeing roughly 60 homes, we finally found ‘the one’. The house we purchased has good bones but needs some cosmetic updates, and it seems we aren’t the only ones completing home renovations.

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Sep 06 2016
Team Bonding is Never "Trivial"
Several months ago, Susie Dressler suggested that with budget season coming up, the property managers, accountants and administrative assistants needed to do some team bonding activities. A group of us brainstormed and after tossing out a few ideas, came up with the idea of a trivia team.

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Aug 16 2016
No Slow Down for Retail Development in Wisconsin
The Metro Milwaukee area continues, as it has in recent years, to experience a great deal of ground-up development along with innovative redevelopment of Class A shopping centers. Here are some of the project highlights transpiring in our booming city...

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Aug 11 2016
The Olympic Games - Helpful or Hurtful?
As the world turns its sporting attention to the spectacle that is the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, I can’t help but think back 8 years ago when our city, Chicago, was elbow-deep in trying to secure this monster. For many of these non-traditional sports, the Games represent their “World Cup” opportunity to showcase their talents, and with heavy weight sponsors (Visa, McDonald’s, etc.) the media build-up is unmatched.

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Jun 28 2016
Chicago Sports & Wrigley Field
Growing up in New Jersey I never expected to live in a city other than New York. I have always followed the Yankees, Rangers and Jets and I couldn’t imagine a better fan base than the Jets after countless years of let downs. As a Yankees fan, I have high expectations year in and year out after experiencing five World Series in my lifetime. I had always thought of myself as a dedicated fan. That was until I moved to Chicago and was introduced to the Chicago Cubs fan base.

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Jun 14 2016
"The Show" and Steak Tuesday
So, this is the second blog I've been asked to write for our Mid-America website. I'm a little shocked (and chagrined) that I was asked to blog again as I shirked my responsibilities the first time and paid off my 16 year old daughter, Carly, to write it for me. The cost was a tank of gas.

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Jun 07 2016
Mid-America Service Supports One Village Partners
Service, leadership and integrity are three principles of importance at Mid-America. These principles also characterize One Village Partners (“OVP”) – a community development non-profit, which has single handedly transformed the lives of thousands of villagers in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am a Mid-America employee and work closely with One Village Partners.

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