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The New Guy on the Block

It has been an exciting journey finding my place at Mid-America Asset Management. My first week began on December 21, 2016. I was overwhelmed with names and faces of new colleagues. I quickly realized it was just the tip of the ice berg since most of the company was on holiday vacation. In the first week of January, a helping hand was offered by everyone that passed by my door as they welcomed me to Mid-America. It feels like home when you are surrounded by people that want to see you succeed.

Every day I encounter something new; a new scenario with its own unique challenges. Being part of a team with individuals who have years of experience and are willing to share that experience has enabled me to grow as a Property Manager. All of the challenges of Property Management are opportunities to learn about real estate and its role in our communities. I was drawn to Property Management because of my interest in understanding how real estate functions.

The Property Management position has put me in the driver seat. It has given me the opportunity to make impactful decisions, and trained me to be forward thinking about the possible outcomes when making those decisions. In real estate, there are many stakeholders, it's important to consider how those stakeholders will be effected by the decisions made in our day-to-day operations. Even the smallest decision may have unintended ramifications, if the details are not tended to. Mid-America is a leader in the industry because of our attention to detail and I am proud to be a part of this team.

Patrick Taylor
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