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Communication is Key Between Property Managers and Owners

Written by Dave Grodzicki, Property Management Director

Property management of a shopping center is critical in the overall success of the property, therefore Property Managers should always be looking for opportunities to improve the shopping center’s tenant mix and to increase NOI.

One way to enhance the center’s image and value is by replacing a retailer that no longer contributes to the success of the shopping center.  It is the property manager responsibility to be aware of which tenant’s contribute to the overall success of the shopping center and which ones detract from it.  Signs of uncleanliness or poor physical appearance, poor merchandise presentation or lack of merchandise, poor customer relations or lack of customer base, poor or declining sales, or other detracting signals given off by the tenant are all things to look for and should be reported. Ownership should always be made aware of a tenant that may “drag down” the shopping center. 

Every month, the property manager should be reviewing and analyzing each tenant’s sales and the timing of their rent payment.  It is important that the Property Manager relays poor performing tenants to ownership in the monthly report and/or personally via their relationship with the owners.  It is ultimately the ownership’s decision to replace their tenant, however, it is with the aid or advisement of the property manager to help ownership make this decision.

The Property Manager is a custodian in trust for the property and to ownership.  It is their responsibility to make ownership aware of a potentially failing tenant or a tenant that no longer “fits the mix”.  The astute property manager will make continual assessments and evaluations that should cultivate conversations with ownership and, ultimately, help them reach a needed decision with their property. 

Dave Grodzicki
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