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Team Bonding is Never "Trivial"

Written by Candy Zoerner

Several months ago, Susie Dressler suggested that with budget season coming up, the property managers, accountants and administrative assistants needed to do some team bonding activities. A group of us brainstormed and after tossing out a few ideas, came up with the idea of a trivia team.  Our “test group” played as a team first, to get the feel for it, and we decided that it would be a great team building activity. We suggested it to the partners and they agreed with us! Once the team was formed we signed up with Pub Trivia USA and tried out several different locations to see which we enjoyed the most. Suggestions were made for a team name, and after a vote, we became “The Pro-Raters” (I think the accountants may have voted heavily on that name!).
We’ve been playing pub trivia locally every other week for the past few months, alternating between Gulliver’s Pizza in Oakbrook Terrace and Warren’s Ale House in Wheaton. We took a poll for locations, and those two tied in popularity. We decided it was best to switch it up, alternating between the two. While there are a few people that play every time, others come and go as their schedule allows, adding variety to the team. One week we may have a team that is great at history, another time we might rock pop culture! It’s a lot of fun to find out what little bits of trivia your coworkers know, which leads into fun conversations between the trivia questions. With questions ranging from civil war battle history or science to “novelty music”, you never know what you’re going to get next. Sometimes we really have to put our heads together to come up with an answer, but other times we’re divided and it comes down to a vote. Either way, we always have a good time bonding with our coworkers over trivia on Tuesday evenings.

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