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Mid-America Service Supports One Village Partners

Written by Michael Lund, Retail Tenant Specialist

Service, leadership and integrity are three principles of importance at Mid-America. These principles also characterize One Village Partners (“OVP”) – a community development non-profit, which has single handedly transformed the lives of thousands of villagers in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am a Mid-America employee and work closely with One Village Partners.

OVP has grown organically since 2004. Its origins actually date to 1987 when local real estate developer, Jeff Hall, served in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone. A civil war broke out in 1991 in Sierra Leone leaving over 50,000 dead and over 2.5 million people displaced. After the war, Jeff returned to Sierra Leone and was miraculously able to reunite with three friends that survived the brutal war. He since has made it his mission to provide hands-on, long-term development solutions for villages in Sierra Leone. OVP has helped several thousand people in six villages and is expanding into five new villages in 2016.

One Village Partners guides rural villagers through personal and community development in hopes to make villages prosper independently. OVP believes true development is most effective and sustainable when conceived, designed, implemented and evaluated by the people themselves. OVP uses a process for community action that helps villagers come together to identify, plan and act to meet their own basic needs, all while learning the skills and practices necessary to continue long into the future. Basic needs that villagers choose to address usually involve improved health, better sanitation, increased income, more productive agriculture, education, more accountable and reinvigorated leadership and empowerment for women or youth.   See more at:

Mid-America’s representation at the Real Estate Breakfast this year goes a long way within these villages and the real estate community. More importantly, our participation makes a remarkable impact in thousands of people’s lives in Sierra Leone, Africa. One Village Partners Real Estate Breakfast will take place at The Minikahda Club on July 28.

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