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Culture Dictates the Retail Experience

Written by Katie Killeen, Associate

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always had a passion for traveling. I love experiencing different cultures, trying new foods and admiring the architecture of cities unlike ours. However, since entering the real estate industry a year and a half ago, I have a completely new perspective when it comes to travel. Whether to a new country or even a new city in the United States, real estate is all around us.

Every time I arrive in a new city, I always find myself scoping out the new retailers I’m unfamiliar with. Above all, I see it as an opportunity to create a new client relationship. A big part of the variety of retail is the difference in culture. As I’m sitting here writing this from my friend’s apartment in LA, I’ve noticed how the retailers here echo the lifestyle that comes with living in LA. As you walk the streets, you can typically expect to see a Whole Foods, a WundaBar and a matcha juice shop. It’s interesting when you compare this to a city like Chicago since the lifestyles are so different.

Next time you travel, whether near or far, take a second to take in the retail landscape and use it to your advantage.

Juice Shop

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