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Good Thoughts to Live By

Written by Tricia Pitchford, Sr. Vice President of Leasing

This is from a post from the Chief of Police in a small town in Kenyon, Minnesota.  Good thoughts to live by:

  1. “Don’t forget the people who helped get you to where you are at.”
  2. “Be a leader not a boss. Something I hope I am doing a good job at.” 
  3. “Admit when you are wrong.” 
  4. “Give credit where credit is due.” 
  5. “You’re only as good as your co-workers, help make them great.” 
  6. “Kindness, respect and treating people well is free.” 
  7. “You can’t teach common sense.” 
  8. “I’m not impressed by fancy degrees on the wall. I’m impressed by a strong work ethic.” 
  9. “Tolerance and an open mind are not signs of weakness.” 
  10. “Take care of your family. They will be with you long after work is done.” 
  11. “Believing in a higher power has helped me remember that no one is perfect, we all have room for improvement and no one is better than anyone else”

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