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Working Next to Bob Sugar

Success for some people depends on being able to have full concentration, complete silence and absolute attention to detail. The ability to go into your office and... work!  Well lucky for me, I’m not one of those people. You see, at Mid-America Michigan,  those of us that are situated at the east end of the office are treated to a much different work environment. I thought I’d share with you what it’s like to work in the office adjacent to Jack Uhazie. Or – when he’s really trying to impress someone on the phone – Bob Sugar. 


  • My day is filled with the not so subtle sound of a train whistle … constantly … all day long … announcing the arrival of EVERY new email.
  • My office direct dial line rings and its Jack asking, “Where are you?"
  • “Laurie’s gone this week and my computer is down. We should just have an assembly line shutdown until Monday when she gets back.”
  • “Susan – can you please make a meatloaf for dinner tonight for your family and then bring me a cold meatloaf sandwich on Wonder Bread with extra ketchup tomorrow for lunch?”


  • I overhear Jack on the phone, calling a company and asking for a FORMER employee. When told they no longer work there, Jack says, “I’ll hold." When told again that the person no longer works there and can someone else help you, Jack replies a bit firmer, “No thank you, I’ll hold."
  • More train whistles
  • Incessant whistling of the Notre Dame Fight Song; which has always puzzled me coming from a Michigan State guy who truly bleeds Green.


  • Good Morning – train whistles and the fight song.
  • I get settled in and actually am enjoying a bit of uncharacteristic quiet coming from next door. Then – “Can you believe they found a wallet from 1963 in the ceiling of a Livonia school?" I knew it wouldn’t last.
  • Train whistle
  • “Susan … what are you going to bring me for lunch today?”


  • More Fightin’ Irish Fight Song – over and over and over and over and over and over…
  • “I had to move a fallen tree out of my driveway this weekend. I am Country Strong!”
  • I can’t take the fight song any longer. I’m going to snap. I slam my door trying to dampen the Fightin’ Irish while at the same time sending a not so subtle message to stop whistling. Jack somehow summons all of his technology prowess and figures a way to call the office and leave himself a VM whistling the fight song and then proceeds to forward the VM to my phone. There is truly no escape!


  • Relatively quiet summer Friday morning. Reviewing my “To-Do” list and looking forward to a very productive day. Then out of the blue, “Do you think I should try out for American Ninja Warrior?” I quit trying to follow the train of thought. I actually didn’t know how to answer – how long would this take him out of the office???
  • He seems to be all business for a while. Getting ready for a REC and back and forth to the copy machine. Suddenly – agonizing screams – followed by, “I just slipped off my shoe and pulled my groin. Do you have any Icy Hot? I definitely need to join a Pilates or yoga class.”
  • “Did I ever tell you about the time I was on a plane to Des Moines and sat next to a dog chiropractor?”
  • “Do you find me bitter or humorous – like a tart lemonade or a cabbage patch doll?” Let me think on that one and get back to you......

Truth be told, I wouldn’t trade my office location for anything and probably couldn’t work as effectively in a complete and total quiet environment. I’ve actually become acclimated to the train whistle and a “normal” alert for emails probably just wouldn’t seem right.  The Notre Dame Fight song will always bother me but never enough to request an office relocation down the hall from Bob Sugar.

Susan  Jack Pic
Susan Acciaioli outside of Jack Uhazie's (or Bob Sugar's) office

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