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Wisconsin – Health & Wellness (& Happiness) Initiative

As part of the Wisconsin office’s goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle, we decided to partake in an organized, office-wide 5k run.  Every year, Milwaukee hosts Bastille Days which opens with a Thursday night “Storming of the Bastille” that includes 5,000+ participants making their way through downtown Milwaukee via a 5k run or 2-mile walk. 

Wisconsin group

Knowing we are honored to have some of the most elite athletes in the industry, we thought this would be an appropriate first step in our healthy lifestyle initiative while maintaining our claim as the #1 Retail Real Estate firm in Wisconsin.  For months we’ve trained – some on treadmills and others doing some serious backwoods conditioning  in anticipation of the July 9th date.

Training for the run

wisconsin blog

Prior to the race, we were honored to have Max Jacobson (our most trusted internal odds maker) put together his office rankings below.  Included after each participant in red is their actual finish:

  1. Tony “They’ll never catch me” Colvin (#2)
  2. Joe “ Don’t under estimate my old man strength” Kleiman (#6)
  3. Kym “My stride is twice as long as Adams” Fredricks **Did Not Finish
  4. Adam “Everyone gets so much more work done when I am gone” Dreier (#4)
  5. Max “F bomb” Jacobson (#7)
  6. Lori “Back in an hour I have to take my kid to the ER….again” Seibel **DNF
  7. Scott “You might want to bring ear plugs” Satula (#8)
  8. Dena “Why is this guy writing this long email, shouldn’t he be working” Uselmann **DNF
  9. Kendra “That guy Max seems really cool and smart” Morgan **DNF
  10. Andrew “The Hamster” Prater (#3)
  11. Teresa “Shut up Adam” Shemitis **DNF
  12. Emily “Ship my new running shoes to the office” Scharpf **DNF
  13. Amy “Ay der don’t cha know” Wasnidge **DNF  
  14. Matt “The Hair” Chappell (#5)  
  15. Tony “Pony Tony” Lee (#1)
  16. Erin “Pizza Shuttle for life” Seeby **DNF
  17. Jim “Rosie loves me” Vaillancourt **DNF
  18. Kevin “I’m actually really funny” Dexter **DNF
  19. Dan “Come See Me” Cohen (#9)
  20. Dan “So I Says To Him” Rosenfeld **DNF

Unfortunately, Dan Rosenfeld covets the “Happiness” portion of our Health & Wellness (& Happiness) Initiative so upon his prodding he took more than half of the office with him as he convinced them to become mere cheerleaders with cocktails in hand versus participants after the race had begun. (And what a shame to think he purchased a brand new dry-fit long-sleeve shirt and the top of the line running shoes for the event…only to go unused).

wisconsin blog 2

As we spent our Monday stretching calves and foam rolling our hamstrings, we reminisced of a successful 1st Annual Mid-America Storming of the Bastille and look forward to next year’s….and welcome all of you to join us (including Dan Rosenfeld this time!)


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