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Movember Round Up

Well ladies and gentleman,

Thanksgiving has come and gone and so too has the month of Movember.

It was an exciting time here at Mid-America Real Estate and I have to say I am generally proud of our boys. While some took a slightly different, yet completely acceptable approach and went with the homeless, wolverine look for a time and then to the bold yet classy goatee (DC) most of us stayed true and pure and grew some lovely staches. Others bowed out early (DR) as in like two days of commitment early (I expected better from you DC) and others were granted, sanctioned full-fledged shaves with a razor (JK) for special occasions.

I have to say through it all, I am most proud of blonde stache (AP) for sticking with it and representing the listing team. While you never really knew if one was actually there, on a cold sunny day you might see the sun reflecting off his shimmering blonde, almost white, moostache. The FNG also gave it a solid go for a while and grew what can only be described as a hand drawn sharpie mustache. But after a few short weeks he caved like so many FNGs do. I think the long drives to Delafield finally broke him. We of course cannot talk about the listing team without talking about its 50 over 50, AARP paid in full member, buyer of all hair gel, in bed before 9pm, up at 5am, stuck in the 80’s ski bum, Mr. Joe Fu Manchu Kleiman.

Mr. Kleiman (and I say Mr. because I was taught to treat the elderly with respect) definitely takes the cake for most creative mustache and best come back from a freshly shorn face. Way to go old man Joe!

Let’s have another round of applause for the listing team…

Okay so while it’s important to recognize the boys on the other side of the aisle, let’s be honest from day one they never really stood a chance. The Tenant Rep team dominated this year’s Movember in every aspect. Max and Adam grew fantastic staches and never missed a beat, showing up day in and day out with a perfectly manicured (shaved around but never trimmed) mustache. Tony Colvin rocked a solid moooostache for a few weeks and then went full beard to prove no one in the office can grow as thick of a beard as he, must be all of that running. Dan Cohen went full blown Wolverine for the first half of the month sporting some wild spikey hair and a grey shaggy beard. I have to say this was my favorite look of the month. Dan also like TC mixed it up mid-month and made a trip to barber who tamed the hair and carved a most beautiful goatee that would make Walter White proud.  Then of course there is me, I can unbiasedly say I grew the best overall mustache. It was authentic, perfectly shaped, full and lush. Not only was it physically immaculate I was also told by many people both inside and outside of the office that it looked the most natural, that I wore it well and most importantly that I looked REALLY GOOD!  I have to say the Tenant Rep team knocked it out of the park and could not be more proud to be  a tenant rep guy. Nice job fellas!

So while we all had a lot of fun and the tenant rep boys clearly dominated it’s important not to forget what this is really all about………………………….…….….. a legitimate excuse to piss your wife off and revel in the fact that she can’t make you shave your awesome mustache because it’s for a good cause!!! 

We raised $900.00 which is great but well short of our goal of $2,500.00 (I think the listing team has some serious work to do next year to make up for their lousy across the board performance).

Here is the breakdown (Once again the winners of this competition are obvious):

Listing Team:
Dan - $50
Joe -$50
AP - $50
Scott -$50

Tenant Rep Team:
Dan -$375
Tony -$125
Adam -$50
Max - $150

Alright folks, you now have all of the facts and it’s time to vote!!!!!!!!

Cast your vote along with any and all commentary for best mustache, best overall performance (Anything goes) by sending your email to Max Jacobson at

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Until next year…………………………!

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