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What exactly does a commercial realtor do?

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman and his daughter, Carly

Upon hearing the news that I would be responsible for writing a blog and after the requisite grumbling (not so under my breath) that accompanied, I immediately began to plot my way out of this mundane task.  After all, isn’t my time better utilized negotiating LOIs and Offers to Purchase on behalf of my clients or driving markets looking for the perfect site?  And really, how many times can you read an “expert’s” opinion about the real estate market. 

So rather than give my two cents about the unprecedented velocity of real estate development projects under construction or moving through the approval process in downtown Milwaukee, or new shopping centers opening or under construction for the first time since the great recession in the major (and not so major) metropolitan areas of Wisconsin, or hot, new retailers and restaurants looking to open in Wisconsin, or how hot the multi-family development market is in Madison and what it means for retail, or how Kenosha is becoming a major distribution hub, or blah, blah, blah… I contracted out the services of an independent blogger.  I should note that I am happy to discuss my “expert” opinion on any of the above topics, or a topic of your choice, but you will have to call me.

So, what you are about to read is a  blog written by my daughter Carly.  Carly is a junior at Homestead High School in Mequon, WI.  She is editor of the year book and writes for the school newspaper.  As a junior, she is starting the college search process and determined to find a school with an exceptional journalism school (as well as a good football team).  I am very proud of Carly and I could not have found a better independent contractor to represent me.   And lest you think I got off easy, Carly did just get her driver’s license and negotiated her service with me for a tank of gas.

So, without further ado…below is Carly’s perspective of what her father does for a living….  Enjoy!

So… What exactly does a commercial realtor do? Well let me tell you what it looks like from the daughter of commercial realtor’s eyes. Basically you get in your car in the morning, stick your bluetooth in your ear, turn morning sports radio on low volume, answer calls using your handy bluetooth, and drive downtown to the office. Once you get to the office you sit in your swivel chair in one of many gray cubicles decorated with prehistoric pictures of your children and wife, probably making your coworkers think that your family is, in fact, ten years younger than they really are. Once you answer a couple calls while throwing a stress ball up in the air and catching it repeatedly, while barely listening to what the person on the other line is saying, you get in your car and drive for hours looking at a bunch of vacant buildings that all look the same. After driving around for however many hours, you come across a building, most likely very similar in appearance to at least 17 previously seen, and think “wow this is the perfect location,” for whatever company you are providing for.

Now, after asking my dad, “what do you actually do?” I found out that a lot more goes into it than hanging embarrassing pictures of me on the wall and aimlessly driving around for hours. Location, in fact, is key when it comes to opening a new store or restaurant. For example, a property needs to be big enough for a drive-thru if need be, or the market of people in which you are appealing to need to be present in the area of the new development. Next time the idea pops into my mind that all my dad does for a living is drive around staring at identical buildings, I’ll be sure to remember that the frequent and easy Starbucks or Panera stops would most likely not be as frequent or easy without the process commercial realtors perform.

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