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Jul 20 2020
Cannabis in Illinois: July Update
Sales keep rising month-to-month as supply shortages reach critical levels

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May 12 2020
Cannabis and COVID-19 in Illinois: April Update
The Illinois cannabis market continues to shine a big light on a darkened retail landscape April was another stellar month of sales, despite Illinois stay-at-home orders in place.

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Apr 09 2020
Cannabis and COVID-19 in Illinois: March Update
Illinois finished strong in the month of March but as with the rest of the retail world, much changed in late in the month and retail challenges remain high.

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Apr 01 2020
Grocery's Shining Moment
Grocery stores are the pillar of our communities, so ingrained in our lives that we often look past the vital role they play in our shopping centers and in our homes, truly anchoring us.

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Mar 24 2020
Cannabis and COVID-19 in Illinois
With COVID-19’s effect on jobs, tax revenue, and health the cannabis expansion train must keep moving ahead for the good of politicians, patients, caregivers and families going through unprecedented times.

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Aug 21 2018
Five Retailers to Watch Out For
To outsiders looking in, the surprising announcements of bankruptcy filings and store closures from large brands like Toys “R” Us and Bon-Ton seem to indicate the doom of brick and mortar retail as we know it. For others, the news of these brands vacating space suggests opportunity and dollar signs.

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Jul 17 2018
Rent Collection – Our Bread and Butter
In property management, one of our core responsibilities is rent collection. This is the “blood flow” of a property and the means in which we maintain or increase its value. While usually our tenants simply toss their rent payments in the mail, it comes to pass that others are not as disciplined or organized when paying or adjusting their monthly amounts. When that happens, it’s up to us as property managers and accountants to resolve the issue, often drawing on personal experience and values to get the job done.

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May 16 2018
Pushing the Envelope
Over the past few years new technologies and the allure of convenience have forced many retailers to compete at a level they probably never anticipated. While the industry has dedicated considerable time towards understanding consumer habits, the equation doesn’t appear simple and is far from solved. Some retailers just can’t compete, some are frightened and unwilling to evolve, while others welcome the challenge, fully understanding the considerable lengths they will need to go to in order to generate an acceptable bottom line.

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Apr 24 2018
Reassessing Cook County Commercial Real Estate in 2018
As a leasing agent of properties residing in Cook County, real estate taxes are at the forefront of most deal negotiations. To some, high real estate taxes are just “the cost of doing business in Cook County” but to others it’s become a deterrent in wanting to do business in the county. We’ve especially seen this in the last few months as many are uncertain of where the County’s taxes are headed as property’s continued to get reassessed in 2018.

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Mar 26 2018
The Show: The Wisconsin Edition
Mid-America Real Estate-Wisconsin Vice Presidents Scott Satula and Joe Kleiman know a thing or two about putting on a show, of sorts. Scott and Joe serve on the planning committee for the Wisconsin ICSC/CARW Retail Conference, The Show, an annual conference focusing on retail real estate development and trends in Wisconsin. The program, which has grown into a full-day event, draws over 400 industry professionals including retailers, brokers, developers, investors, attorneys, contractors, bankers, and municipal officials.

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Mar 14 2018
The Art of Cold Calling
As a commercial real estate broker specializing in landlord representation, productive cold-calling is essential to your success. It is an adventure, not a chore, and the best way to learn about what tenants are expanding and what is important to their business. Cold-calling is not difficult, it just takes a little practice and understanding. Here are 3 tips that will get you into the swing of things

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Feb 15 2018
Clicks and Bricks
Online retailing is profoundly changing the landscape of our business, forcing our industry to think of the future now more than ever. Despite these changes, I am optimistic that e-commerce will remain just a small piece of the overall shopping pie. My optimism lies in the following assumptions: in many cases, brick and mortar stores continue to be more convenient or cost effective; digitally native retailers are opening stores in order to expand their supply; and consumers often use the internet to purchase goods for in-store pickup.

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Nov 20 2017
Gas Stations Growing in Michigan
Gas stations are becoming a rapidly expanding category throughout Michigan. Many vacant and under-utilized corners are seeing development by both local and national operators. As a result, land prices are increasing for high traffic intersections throughout the state. Companies like Speedway are assembling land around their existing gas stations to scrape and re-build with larger footprint convenience stores including more gas pumps, food offerings and charging stations for electric vehicles.

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Oct 23 2017
Re-use Retail Innovation
Sustainability is nothing new for the retail industry. It has ceased to be a one-off element of design and build, but now sustainability has become a core element of industry ethics. Solar panels on roof tops, the use of recycled materials such as re-claimed wood, and efficient energy use. The shipping container trend is global and growing. This re-use phenomenon is not limited to retail shops, but also residential and hotel developments. The shipping container concepts strive to be a part of the fabric of local life by adding to the communities they are placed.

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Sep 13 2017
Social Media Influence and Integration in the Retail Stratosphere
Catalogs and mailers are ancient history. Today, retailers are able to have a more direct, intimate connection with consumers via social media platforms. Companies are not only creating an increased awareness of its brand/product with their own profile accounts but also by partnering with influencers to further the reach and opportunity for sales.

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Aug 09 2017
Don’t Fear the Reaper – Take Advantage of It
The Reaper is coming to a mall, shopping center, power center or free standing building near you soon if he hasn’t struck already. The Reaper is also attending your clients Real Estate Committee meetings and dropping the ax on your pipeline. The Reaper, more commonly known as E-Commerce/Omni channel retailing, is forever altering how we operate and transact in a field where you are only as good as your last deal. Now more than ever it’s paramount to become a chameleon, adapt and take advantage of the new opportunities created in an industry undergoing a major transformation.

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Aug 01 2017
2017 Minnesota Out-State Market Update
The solid economic data and subsequent development is not confined to the Twin Cities metro area. While much of what we hear about or see in the news is focused on retail developments happening in the metro, there are many new developments and new tenants entering the outstate markets of Minnesota. The following is a summary highlighting notable happenings in the most active outstate markets.

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Jul 25 2017
Storm the Bastille
Recently, the Mid-America Real Estate – Wisconsin team participated in the annual “Storm the Bastille” 5k race through the streets of downtown Milwaukee. The race, celebrating the revolutionary storming of the Bastille prison by Parisians on July 14, 1790, has been a commemorative staple of downtown festivities since 1981. While the run/walk is an exciting way to celebrate France’s national holiday, it also serves as a vehicle for team bonding and culture development for the entire Mid-America – Wisconsin family.

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Jun 28 2017
What I’ve Learned in 15 Years at Mid-America
Fifteen years, six months and thirteen days have passed since I joined Mid-America’s construction management department. A lot has changed in that time, and I’ve learned a lot from my clients, coworkers, consultants and contractors. I’ve been fortunate to work with some wonderful people, and I’ve also seen others behave in ways that have left me wondering how they manage to hold down a job. I’ve learned a lot from both.

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