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The Sustainable Shopping Center

Written by Daniel King, Asset Manager

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The sustainable shopping center enhances the neighborhood, improves the quality of the environment and strengthens the ties of community. A place where retailers not only coexist among the community but are the centerpiece of it. One that spends less on energy use with each passing year, sensibly maintains and upgrades its operations and ensures its tenants have the opportunity to prosper.

In 2013, the Mayor of Chicago unveiled a progressive agenda called Sustainable Chicago 2015 that was adopted by the City Council. The Sustainable Chicago action plan offers initiatives, metrics and strategies aimed at advancing Chicago’s goal of becoming the most sustainable city in the country. By improving citywide energy efficiency it touches upon the full spectrum of life for Chicagoans, whether at home, at work, on the streets and even at its shopping centers. Mid-America Asset Management has not only embraced the Mayor’s challenge for more livable, competitive and sustainable buildings but embraced it for ALL properties under management. We now have the capability to perform energy assessments, benchmark and EnergyStar certify all of our properties under management. We work with our preferred vendors, utility companies and local government agencies to come up with a plan to make your shopping center more sustainable while maximizing your return on investment.

By improving the energy efficiency at your shopping center you are helping lower fossil fuel emissions, which have a trickle-down effect on improving the public health of your center’s patrons, the environmental quality of the neighborhood and other economic benefits such as jobs.

Sustainability is not only good for the environment but also the shopping center’s bottom line. Almost 4% of commercial electricity bills in Illinois are allocated for energy efficient programs. That means that your centers are eligible for rebates, tax incentives, grants, bonds, loans and special financing on lighting upgrades, retro commissioning, solar and wind energy systems, green energy and incentives to make your buildings more energy efficient. Other programs are available from utility providers who offer free energy saving services and upgrades for your buildings. The greatest benefit of a sustainable shopping center is the reduced operating expenses. However, the added value and publicity that a sustainable shopping center provides also attracts patrons, tenants, investors and buyers. 

With all of the incentives available, now is a great time to plan for your shopping center's next set of improvements and investments to make it sustainable

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