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Prepping for a Minnesota Winter

Written by Matt Rieger, Principal/Senior Vice President

It has been as beautiful a fall weather-wise as I can remember going back a lot of years. The kind of weather that you would think that you could kick back and just enjoy. Well, in the property management business, you would be wrong!

This is the busiest time in our industry. Property management budgets are primarily done this time of the year. There are exceptions, but not many. The difference in northern climate cities is what you know is going to come next: “Old Man Winter”. We can read the farmer's almanac, look at long-term forecasts and try to understand ocean temperatures and how they will affect moisture and wind direction, but in our industry you always have to prepare for the worst.

At Mid-America Minnesota, that involves an extensive fall checklist of items to make sure that the properties we are managing are prepared for the snow and cold. It all starts with making sure that we have a solid snowplow contract. We need to make sure that we have a quality vendor that will provide good service at a fair price. Next to real estate taxes and major repairs, snowplow costs can be one of the highest expense line items in the property management budget. 

Sprinkler irrigation blowouts, final lawn care preparation, parking lot sweeping, the checking of parking lot light photo cells or time clocks, confirming that heat is working in maintenance rooms and vacancies, weather-stripping, applying downspout heat tape, putting away bike racks and picnic tables, removing and storing pond fountains, shutting off exterior water spigots, final roof inspection, caulking, power washing and general repairs all need to be completed before winter. The list of fall preparation items for winter conditions is a long one, and at Mid-America Minnesota, we take pride in knowing that our long history in this industry, in addition to our knowledgeable managers and vendors, allow us to be the best at protecting our landlords' assets from unexpected surprises and expenses.

In our climate, it all starts with a strong fall checklist program and making sure that we are not spending too much time just enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Matthew J. Rieger | Principal/Senior Vice President
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