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Mid-America Dominates Leasing in Michigan

Written by Bryan Weiss, Vice President

In order to paint the entire picture of the product leasing climate at Mid-America in Michigan, I have to start from the beginning and share the reason why I joined Mid-America two years ago.

In 2014, I had been in the business for almost 10 years.  I was a successful broker focused predominantly on product leasing at a boutique retail firm.  I had built a solid book of business and great relationships with landlords and other industry brokers.  While my book of business was solid, I aspired to elevate it.  I wanted to shift from mostly working on neighborhood and grocery-anchored listings with mostly entrepreneurial landlords and developers, to new developments and power centers with institutional owners. 

I was not having a problem getting my foot in the door, based on my reputation and prior track record, but I was struggling to “win the business.”  Throughout my career, I always had success increasing my business with existing clients and from word of mouth due to deal results and client communication.  The issue was getting past that hurdle and winning new business.  I often found myself competing with other industry leaders, like the product leasing brokers at Mid-America.  I’d known (and done deals) with the brokers at Mid-America for many years, but it always seemed that they had something extra - and they did.  In addition to the quality of the individual Mid-America brokers I was competing against, it was the reputation, relationships, information and network of Mid-America, the company.

After many discussions with the principals at Mid-America, we both decided we were a fit.  I joined Mid-America in September 2014 with the hope of earning access to the types of listings that I found myself competing with for the better part of 10 years.  Since joining Mid-America, the move has significantly exceeded my expectations.  While I still work on a wide spectrum of properties, I am winning the business with the Michigan Product Leasing Team for new developments and power centers throughout Michigan.   

Mid-America is the dominant product leasing company in the Michigan market.  As a result, we have been able to attract other industry leading brokers, as well as, new talented agents to the team.  The additions have helped increase Mid-America’s competitive edge in the Michigan market.

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Photo of Bloomfield Town Square located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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