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Detroit the Beautiful

Written by Karen Gargaro, Sales Associate


Whether its cathedral ceilings or exposed brick walls, the beauty of buildings and architectural design always amazes me. Being from Detroit, there is no greater place to watch the ruins of a city begin turning into something beautiful. It’s hard to explain the energy and vibes that are flowing though this city, but one thing I will say is it’s intoxicating and contagious. It makes you want to be a part of the movement. It’s like fighting for the underdog and watching the underdog come up on top. The more I hear about it, the more I want to get involved.

Watching the Motor City get back on its feet is creating ample opportunity. The city is a blank canvas waiting to be painted on and now we aren’t the only ones that see it. Businesses such as Nike, Kit and Ace, John Varvato’s and Moosejaw, not to mention the numerous trendy restaurants, hotels and bars, have opened over the past couple years. There is no doubt that the continued growth and new store openings of national tenants will lead to more big names coming downtown.

Detroit reminds me of a lotus flower, a gorgeous flower which grows and emerges from a murky pond. It symbolizes the rebirth of something exquisite. This is the city I am lucky enough to call my home.

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