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Proven Methods for Maximizing Productivity

We are all busier than ever, but staying organized will help keep you productive and keep tasks moving forward.

Here are a few proven methods for maximizing productivity:

Organize: Develop a system for organizing incoming information, whether by e-mail, paper or otherwise. 

Assess: Quickly assess what might need to be done on any given task, or with any incoming information, and determine what actions might need to be taken. 

Prioritize: Regularly evaluate your to-do list to determine which items must be dealt with immediately, which can wait and which items might be delegated.  Keep one central to-do list.

Execute: Set aside time to execute the tasks that you have determined are the highest priority. Establish a time when you are able to tackle some of the items you previously determined must wait.

Be Realistic: Don’t underestimate how much time you might need to set aside for executing tasks. Track your time so you can use that for future reference when estimating how much time might be needed to complete similar tasks.

Follow Up:  Develop a system for organizing any follow up items, whether it’s for information you are waiting for or people that report to you.  Mark as action items in your email, set them up on your calendar or include on your to-do list.

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