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Best Practices: Detroit?

Who hasn’t heard of Detroit?  Once considered a public relations nightmare, Detroit has been transformed into a place brimming with hope, business people, non-profits, creative professionals, and city officials working hard to implement drastic changes and produce a higher quality of life for it’s residents. 

Many newer residents to Michigan are well-traveled younger business professionals seeking opportunities in creative, educational, and entrepreneurial ventures.  And why not?  Michigan has a great blend of educated, socially motivated and creative conscious professionals attracted to the lower cost of living and the grassroots movements popping up all around the City of Detroit.  Some of these changes are beginning to take form and can be seen with designers such as John Varvatos, who announced his stake in the future of Detroit with a 4,000 square foot retail storefront at 1500 Woodward Avenue.  The state of Michigan has also been working hard to push incentives and open the doors for new entrepreneurs by finding new financing sources for relevant startups

Many of these new businesses, such as Skidmore Studios (located on Broadway Street in Downtown Detroit), are incorporating techniques from famous businesses like Google headquarters located in Mountain View California, by creating a colorful and inspiring work atmosphere. 

So all things considered, maybe there are some things that we can learn from a city not too long out of bankruptcy.

1. Find common ground:  Detroit natives and newer residents are finding ways to connect with their communities and find commonalities to grow from, rather than highlighting differences that only serve to block progress. 

2. Be Passionate about what you do:  People who live in Detroit are passionate about everything, especially their city!  So many hours of your life are spent at work; make sure that you enjoy what you do!  Especially if you live in Michigan!

3. Collaborate:  The only way that Detroit has made it this far is due to the collaborative efforts of many people.  Take it from Steve Jobs, making connections with people from different industries can be a breath of fresh air, especially during highly stressful times at work.  Enjoy this opportunity to be inspired by another person’s craft. 

4. Empower Others:  Detroit as a city has proven that it is committed to empowering those who choose to call it home.  This can be seen with groups such as Techtown and the DEGC.   As John Donne once said, “No man is an Island”, ~ John Donne’s Devotions, 1624.

And last but not least………

5. Believe:  Your reality is your perception.  When everyone involved is unwavering in his/her commitment to a common goal, like Detroit is to its rebirth, it has a greater than normal opportunity for success!

Make 2015 a great year by seeing opportunity where others don’t and daring to make at least some of your dreams a reality!   


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